The best individualized care.

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Adult Day Program


We strive to make sure your loved one receives the best individualized care.  Working under the supervision of staff who are certified Dementia Practitioners, the Hearts & Mind Activity Center’s Engagement Facilitators are extensively trained to provide social, cognitive, and personal care for individuals with dementia.

Activities to Meet All Needs

Intergenerational activities between the children of our onsite childcare and clients of our day program also occur on a weekly basis, Monday through Friday.  These interactions provide our clients with an opportunity to nurture, teach, and care for our students, who in turn learn empathy and receive encouragement and support. Additional scheduled activities and outside entertainment, such as Hawaiian dancers and local musicians, vary from day-to-day and are reflected on the calendar. Participation in all activities is a choice.


Intergenerational activities between the children of our childcare center and individuals from our adult day program occur on a weekly basis, Monday through Friday. Activities vary from day-to-day and include gardening, singing, arts and crafts, Storytime, dancing, and games. 

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We are committed to ensuring that your loved one maintains good health and hygiene. Staff provide assistance with activities of daily living such as toileting and dressing as needed.


For an additional fee, full shower services are offered Monday through Saturday every week.


The center provides a catered meal and two snacks daily, prepared under the guidance of a registered nutritionist.  We accommodate various dietary restrictions, and staff lend support with feeding and drinking for those unable to do so themselves.


As we are not a medical facility, there are no doctors or nurses onsite.  A written physician order is therefore necessary to dispense medication.  Caregivers are responsible for obtaining the order from the physician and providing the center with the medication.  Medication must be in the original pharmacy container with the pharmacy label.  


To prevent stiffness and improve the circulation of our clients, we offer various physical fitness group activities and have a secure facility with ¾ acre park-like grounds to walk.  Staff monitor and provide support to those individuals that require it and ensure that all individuals at our center get exercise throughout the day.


The Bookmobile, a mobile library service, visits the center every two weeks and provides clients with access to a number of resources including fiction and non-fiction picture books, multilingual material, and music.


Admission Process

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How to Enroll

It is best to start with a tour to see if our program is the best fit for the needs of your loved one.  Please schedule an appointment to visit the center below or call Grace Tumah at (408) 279-7515.  We do not offer drop-in tours. To get started just follow these steps:

  1. Complete our inquiry form online, and within two business days you will receive a telephone call regarding your inquiry and to begin the application process.

  2. The potential participant is scheduled for a one hour visit the center to evaluate the compatibility of our program with their needs.  An observational assessment will then be performed by staff to evaluate their ambulation and how well they integrate socially into our program.  



Participants in our program must have a medical diagnosis of dementia.  We accept individuals at all parts of the spectrum of dementia – whether newly diagnosed or in the advanced stages.  Individuals must be able to walk with minimal assistance, even if use of a cane or walker is required for their mobility. Unfortunately, we are not licensed to accommodate individuals with colostomy bags, those that require the use of a wheelchair, those on oxygen, or those that are insulin dependent.  


Participants must attend at least two set days per week, and there is no minimum hours requirement.  Research has shown that it is important for individuals with dementia to maintain a routine and consistent schedule.  While we do allow caregivers to switch their loved ones’ days of attendance, this can only be done on a month-to-month basis. Additional days may be added as needed. Please contact the center at least twenty-four hours in advance for availability.


Call us at (408) 279-7515 for more information regarding rates and to see if you qualify for any of our funding sources.


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