This week’s wrap-up explores cognitive impairment in spouses, coffee and its brain protective effects, risk factors for MCI, estrogen’s role in preserving grey matter in women’s brains, and more…

–>> Cognitive Disorders Double Risk of Cognitive Impairment in SpousesMedPage Today (December 2021)
Researchers said that “shared environments may be responsible, in part, for shared cognitive disorders and cognitive performance within couples.”

–>> Does Covid-19 Infect the Brain?(October 2021)
Dr. Austin Perlmutter reveals what medical research is showing about the reported cognitive and psychological effects of the virus.

–>> Latte lovers, rejoice: Coffee could lower risk of Alzheimer’s diseaseEdith Cowan University (November 2021)
A long-term study has revealed drinking higher amounts of coffee may have health benefits later in life.

–>> Are You at Risk for What Comes Before Dementia?The Daily Beast (December 2021)
A recent Columbia University study identified several factors linked to increased or decreased risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

–>> Could Estrogen Help Shield Women’s Brains From Alzheimer’s?U.S. News (November 2021)
A new study led by Dr. Lisa Mosconi has shown that when women had more estrogen exposure during their lives, they also tended to have more gray matter volume…supporting the idea that estrogen can be protective.